Online Bookings

Below is an example of the online booking tool that can be embedded on your website. This embed can be styled to match your clinic's branding.

Website Subscriber

Below is an example of a HTML Form for website subscriber.
Your web team can design this to be a popup when clients first visit your site.

Custom Form Embed

You can create custom forms within cosmedcloud that can be embedded on your website.

Submitted forms will automatically create a new patient file and can be emailed to staff for review.


Verified client reviews can be embedded on your website and hosted externally by cosmedcloud.

Online Chat

Provide instant customer service to your online visitors. Online chat integrates directly into the cosmedcloud chat platform.

  • Automated Greetings

    Customise a greeting specific to your client base.

  • Non Response Bot

    Automatically respond to client if staff havent responded to their messages.

  • Chat Scheduling

    Specify the times you want chat to appear on your site and schedule which clinic and users should recieve the message.


Enhance your website by adding the cosmedcloud Javascript SDK!

  • Track Visitors via
  • Online Bookings
  • Chat & Bot